Local Activities

4/7/20243 min read

‘Fashion’s impact’ workshop

In an effort to address the environmental impact of fast fashion, Project AQUA organized a two-hour workshop led by Elena Pérez, engaging ten participants in a blend of theory and practice. Beginning with an insightful discussion on the repercussions of fast fashion, attendees delved into a practical exercise, calculating their carbon footprint and engaging in reflective dialogue. A pivotal aspect of the workshop was a visit to a local second-hand store, where participants not only learned about sustainable shopping options but actively contributed to the local economy through purchases. Through evaluation questionnaires and personal interviews, the success of the workshop became evident, as participants demonstrated increased awareness and a sense of community. Armed with newfound knowledge and empowered to make informed choices, attendees left the workshop with a renewed commitment to sustainable living, exemplifying the transformative potential of local actions in combating fashion's environmental impact.

‘Green cooking’ workshop

Project AQUA's 'Green Cooking' workshop, helmed by Jorge Rivera and Noor Harjani, offered an immersive culinary journey aimed at promoting sustainable cooking practices. With a focus on reducing food waste, embracing plant-based ingredients, and minimizing plastic use, eight enthusiastic participants engaged in a blend of theory and practice. After a brief introduction to sustainable cooking principles, attendees dived into preparing three delectable recipes: a refreshing summer smoothie, a zesty salad, and tantalizing summer rolls with peanut sauce. The workshop garnered positive feedback as participants relished a healthy, flavorful experience centered on fresh, natural, and sustainable ingredients. Key factors contributing to its success included heightened awareness of healthy eating, adaptability to diverse preferences and dietary needs, emphasis on fresh and local ingredients, visually appealing presentations, and fostering a positive attitude towards healthy cooking through hands-on participation. Overall, the workshop left participants inspired to continue their journey towards sustainable and wholesome culinary practices.

"Games in Nature" workshop

The "Games in Nature" workshop, led by Jorge Rivera, aimed to impart pedagogical tools to individuals within the educational field, focusing on children aged 7-10 years. Divided into teams representing different colors and fruit names, participants engaged in a series of fun and educational activities. From dancing with bells to whispering green messages and jumping over branches, each test encouraged teamwork, environmental awareness, and physical activity. The results were overwhelmingly positive, with participants expressing a desire to continue playing and a heightened understanding of environmental stewardship. Notably, the adaptability of the workshop to different participants' needs and the cooperation observed among attendees underscored its success. Beyond its immediate impact on childhood education, the workshop's practices will be disseminated to adults, including the unemployed, and NGO staff, fostering job opportunities and enhancing community engagement.

'Urban Garden' workshop

The 'Urban Garden' workshop, part of Project AQUA's local actions, aimed to cultivate environmental consciousness and sustainability through hands-on urban food growing experiences. Led by an expert in urban agriculture, the event provided participants with valuable insights into seed selection, soil preparation, composting, and garden maintenance. Following an informative talk, attendees engaged in seed planting, experimenting with various vegetables and herbs while receiving personalized guidance. The workshop culminated in a harvest and cooking session, where participants collaborated to prepare a vegetable ratatouille using freshly harvested produce, emphasizing the connection between planting and consumption. Through tasting and sharing experiences, participants reflected on the significance of local, sustainable food production, fostering community bonds and reinforcing the importance of urban agriculture in fostering food self-sufficiency and environmental stewardship. The event's combination of theory and practice not only enriched understanding but also inspired collective action towards sustainable living in urban environments.

'Green Cooking II' workshop

In a recent event hosted by Project AQUA, participants were treated to an enriching experience at the 'Green Cooking II' Workshop. Led by expert trainer Jorge Rivera, attendees delved into the world of sustainable cooking, focusing on the significance of locally sourced ingredients in combating climate change. Through collaborative efforts with technical experts from various social organizations, participants not only learned new recipes but also gained insights into the profound impact of responsible food practices on our planet. With an emphasis on reducing carbon footprints and promoting environmental stewardship, the workshop highlighted the power of individual actions in creating a more sustainable future. As attendees left inspired and equipped with practical knowledge, Project AQUA reaffirmed its commitment to fostering positive change through education and community engagement.