SI CANARIAS It is a non-profit organization dedicated to the training of people at risk of social exclusion. It has worked on projects with immigrants to provide them with basic skills to obtain employment.

DOTS is coordinating the long-term European Solidarity Corps project "All4One", in which four Volunteers who come from Italy and Spain help the local community confront social problems. Additionally, DOTS agreed to implement the ESC program and other volunteer projects in the city in cooperation with the Municipality of Portimão. DOTS established a strong network of relationships with the local realities of civil societies involved in the confronting different social problems, such as hunger, poverty, drug addiction and social inclusion. We are also supporting the Youth Centers of Lisbon and Portimão. In particular, DOTS is cooperating to promote the participation of young people in volunteer activities, both locally and internationally. Improve the Youth participation is also the goal of another project, whose DOTS team is currently responsible for an Action Plan of the municipality of Cascais.

PlanBe is focusing on the personal and professional development of its members and volunteers. With the objective of Promote the development of our local communities, as well as internationally, among others we implement the following activities: - Organization of seminars, workshops, conferences and training at the local level, in educational centers and centers. municipal on environmental issues, art, agriculture and youth, social inclusion, entrepreneurship, cultural heritage, music and dance, traditional crafts. Participate in local festivals and exhibitions for youth, environment and professional development. - Support for non-formal education - Erasmus+ promoter for KA1 and KA2 projects, the European Solidarity Corps hosting volunteers, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, Eurodesk opportunities for young people.

The Gama KPS organization aims to: - Achieve a solid level of social, economic, psychological and civic skills and abilities to support programs. - Provide support and solidarity actions to beneficiaries (children, elderly, vulnerable families, marginalized youth). - Attract and collect additional resources to improve the lives of vulnerable people in Macedonia (organizing/participating in charity events and campaigns). - Participate in ecological and emergency relief training to improve youth resilience and assist in some critical situations. - Work observation activities: the "behind the scenes" of the headquarters of the Gama KPS entity.