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Local Activities

4/7/20242 min read

‘Buy Local’ Workshop

The "Buy Local" workshop, organized by PlanBe as part of Project AQUA, served as a catalyst for promoting community engagement and fostering sustainable practices among its six participants. Held on July 1st at the OXI market in Nicosia downtown, the event aimed to raise awareness about the benefits of purchasing locally sourced produce and reducing food waste. In collaboration with the Zero Food Waste Initiative (ZFWCY), participants delved into discussions on the environmental impact of food waste and explored strategies for conscious consumption. A visit to the local market provided firsthand experience and interaction with vendors, emphasizing the availability of zero-waste options. Witnessing the initiatives of ZFWCY in diverting edible food from landfills further reinforced the importance of responsible consumption. The workshop's success was evident in participants' increased understanding and commitment to supporting local businesses and promoting sustainable food practices, highlighting the potential for positive change within the community.

‘Roots of Change’ Workshop

The "Roots of Change" workshop, organized by PlanBe, Plan it Be it, under Project AQUA, exemplified a proactive approach to environmental stewardship and community engagement. Taking place on October 13th, 2023, in Pedoulas Village, the event brought together 16 participants eager to make a tangible difference in their local ecosystem. Through a combination of non-formal education and hands-on experience, participants gained insight into the environmental benefits of tree planting and learned practical techniques for nurturing saplings. With the support of the Mayor of Pedoulas, the workshop fostered a sense of shared responsibility for local conservation efforts and underscored the importance of community-driven environmental initiatives. As participants reflected on their contributions, a commitment to continued engagement in sustainability efforts emerged, signaling a promising step towards a greener and more resilient future for Pedoulas Village. This collaborative endeavor highlights the transformative power of collective action in fostering environmental awareness and driving positive change at the grassroots level.

‘DIY Water Filter’ workshop

The "DIY Water Filter" workshop, part of Project AQUA and facilitated by PlanBe, Plan it Be it, served as an educational platform for youth to comprehend the importance of clean water and filtration techniques. With 16 participants divided into 4 teams, the workshop spanned 3 hours, immersing attendees in a hands-on exploration of water filtration principles. Using readily available materials like plastic bottles, sand, gravel, activated charcoal, and cotton, participants constructed their own filters, engaging in discussions about filtration concepts and testing their creations. The session culminated in a reflective wrap-up, empowering participants to apply their newfound knowledge to advocate for clean water practices within their communities. By fostering understanding, practical skills, and a sense of empowerment, the workshop equips youth to actively contribute to environmental sustainability and promote clean water initiatives.

Green Thumbs: Cultivating Water-Wise Community Gardens’ Workshop

The "Green Thumbs: Cultivating Water-Wise Community Gardens" workshop, organized by PlanBe, Plan it Be it, aimed to empower participants with practical skills in sustainable gardening while emphasizing the importance of water conservation. Held in the Pedoulas Village, the workshop engaged 16 enthusiastic participants in a comprehensive session led by professional gardeners. Through hands-on activities, participants learned about rainwater harvesting, mulching, and efficient irrigation methods, gaining insights into how these practices can conserve water and nurture flourishing gardens. The workshop fostered a sense of environmental responsibility and community engagement, empowering participants to champion sustainable gardening practices within their communities. As participants shared their reflections and commitments towards practicing sustainable gardening techniques, it became evident that the workshop had inspired a collective dedication to preserving vital water resources and fostering a more environmentally conscious community.