Local Activities

4/7/20242 min read

'Keep Your Surroundings Clean!' workshop

The 'Keep Your Surroundings Clean!' workshop, part of Project AQUA's local actions, aimed to raise awareness and understanding of sustainability in urban environments among its six participants. Led by Marta Monteiro and Teresa di Tria, the workshop delved into various sustainable practices and local challenges, starting with an introduction to sustainability concepts and its relevance. Discussions on unsustainable practices' impact on cities, along with sessions on urban planning principles, renewable energy, waste management, and sustainable transportation, engaged participants in practical learning. The workshop spurred enthusiasm and creativity, with participants identifying local challenges like traffic congestion and waste disposal while proposing innovative solutions. The session also inspired eco-conscious art creation using recycled materials. Overall, the workshop successfully increased community engagement in advocating for sustainable policies and practices, empowering participants to make positive changes in their city.

'Bees as an Example of Circular Economy' workshop

The 'Bees as an Example of Circular Economy' workshop, a part of Project AQUA's local actions, emerged as a significant endeavor to highlight the crucial role bees play in our ecosystems while promoting the principles of circular economy. Led by Marta Monteiro and Teresa di Tria, this immersive workshop engaged 45 participants in an enlightening journey at a beekeeper's site near Alcalar, Portimão. The session commenced with an informative discourse on circular economy concepts, emphasizing the importance of resource efficiency and waste reduction. Participants explored the intricacies of beekeeping, witnessing firsthand the circularity of hive product production, where every component, including wax, finds purpose. Divided into groups, attendees delved into practical experiences, interacting with bees in the apiary and observing honey extraction processes in the factory. The session culminated in a honey tasting, underscoring the significance of supporting local beekeepers and fostering environmental stewardship. Results indicated a heightened understanding of circular economy principles and a commitment to supporting local beekeepers. This workshop not only illuminated the vital role of bees in our ecosystem but also underscored the potential of circular economy practices in promoting sustainable living. Moving forward, continued advocacy for buying local is essential to safeguarding bees and nurturing resilient ecosystems.

'Spill the Tea' workshop

The 'Spill the Tea' workshop, part of Project AQUA's local actions, provided a platform for 18 young participants to engage in candid discussions on women's rights, timed to coincide with International Women’s Day on March 8th. Facilitated by Marta Monteiro and youth workers Zeina and Daria from Palestine, the event fostered cross-cultural dialogue and deepened understanding of the challenges faced by women in different parts of the world. Through a series of activities, including debates on the differences between being a woman in Europe and in Palestine, participants gained insights into issues such as salary gaps, employment disparities, and cultural traditions affecting gender equality. The informal setting encouraged active participation and the development of critical thinking and debating skills among the attendees, who left the workshop with increased awareness and a commitment to furthering discussions on women's rights within their communities.